AYO-CHI takes the forms of Tai-Chi, Pilates & Yoga and combines them in a way to help the individual gain greater control and balance of the body's movements.


The concepts behind AYO-CHI is slow gentle movements of the body made in harmony which each other - balancing the left and right sides of the body, the upper and lower halves and the front and back.


AYO-CHI helps to redirect and control the body's center of gravity, allowing the muscles of the body command balance and focus movement.


The gentle flow of AYO-CHI brings a connected nature to the form and function of the muscles and allows the body's inner energy - or CHI  to release stress. 


AYO-CHI is a gentle flowing practice - but it's focus and intesity makes it an extremely valuable tool for controlling movement, developing balance, strengthening muscle and reducing stress.