metabolic  fat  loss  optimization

META-FLO uses the concepts of intensity interval training to increase the body's muscular endurance, cardio-vascular capacity and metabolic rate.


While other interval training programs work on the concept of less time, high intensity and more frequency, META-FLO focuses on longer periods of intensity training - less frequently.  This process helps increase the body's metabolic rate and caloric afterburn.


Every META-FLO class consists of a 90 minute exercise period broken up into defined segments.  Each segment work at varied intensities and helps to develop specfic components of health and fitness.


The first segment works on the concepts of dynamics stretch and helps to increase elasticity and blood flow to the component parts of the body. During this time period the body is acclimated to the interval training process.


The second segment develops muscular endurance, while maintaining cardio-vascular enhancement.  This enriches the body and maximizes the ability to continually metabolize calories throughout the day - even when your not working out.


The last segment involves higher intensity cardio-vascular training and blows the roof off your calorie burn.

One (1) well-designed META-FLO class can burn over 1500 calories !!